Gideons Elementary Junior Beta Club member wins at national convention

Gideons Elementary School‘s Junior Beta Club members participated in the 14th annual National Beta Club convention in Louisville, Ky., in late June. The students entered in several competition categories, including essay, arts & crafts, cross-stitching, scrapbooking and water coloring. Fifth-grader Jasmaine Tinsley won first place in the essay category. Her essay was one of 28 entries judged nationwide. Jasmaine received a plaque and certificate. The sponsoring teachers were Darlene Dobbs, Veronica Jordan and Camille Neely. Principal Armstead Salters also supported the students’ participation. (Read about the club’s state-convention exploits here.)

The National Beta Club continually seeks ways to develop and nurture elementary and secondary school students by providing opportunities and experiences that enable them to demonstrate the ideals of character, achievement, service and leadership.

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  1. You know it feels great being the person to represent my school the right way. I really miss Gideons, but I still go up there to visit Ms. Dobbs and my old teachers. Oh by the way Ms.Dobbs is the best , Iove you Ms. Dobbs and everyone else at Gideons.

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