Boyd Elementary goes door-to-door for Day One APS

No, the principal and staff at Boyd Elementary weren’t crazy from the summer heat. They figured the only sane way to ensure high attendance for the year-round school’s first day of school July 14 was to literally go door-to-door around the school’s neighborhoods. Only this way could they make sure that new and returning students knew that “Day One APS” wasn’t the same as some of their friends and relatives who attend APS’ “traditional” schools that start classes in August.

Boyd Principal Emalyn Foreman, currently in her third year, brainstormed with staff and decided high attendance required the personal touch — especially in a school zone where there’s a fairly significant amount of turnaround with students moving out of and into the neighborhoods. And if it meant braving 95-degree weather to do so, so be it.

We also enjoyed some media coverage and will update when we find it.

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