Douglass High students boast one impressive stock portfolio

By now hopefully you’ve read about Frederick Douglass High School‘s national championship team in the Capitol Hill Challenge competition — either in the AJC or right here (and right here) in Talk Up APS. They’ve become quite the celebrities, and will be featured at noon Sunday on CW69’s “Focus Atlanta.” Here we speak with team sponsor and Douglass history teacher Jill Beracki (center) along with team captain and rising junior Brandon Dykes (left) and rising senior Tydious Mitchell. Students and teacher are in Douglass’ Business and Entrepreneurship academy.

6 thoughts on “Douglass High students boast one impressive stock portfolio

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  1. I am very happy to see some positive news about Frederick Douglass High School. With all the negative publicity that the school and our school system has been receiving the last few years, this championship win is a breath of fresh air. It should be celebrated! GO ASTROS!

  2. Why is this not headline news? I almost did not find it. Great job by this team. The teacher is to be commended.

  3. Atlanta Public Schools has a treasure with Mrs. Beracki. She did this in her History class? I saw her and the young man on television. Great program.

  4. Great tribute from the Georgia Gang on Fox 5 news today! Miss Beraki is a great teacher and speaker. Does she offer seminars?

  5. There is a high school in the city of Atlanta that has won a National Championship? Does Governor Perdue know about this? Have you told Arne Dunn and President Obama? What an accomplishment for the teacher, students, school and the Atlanta Public Schools. This is fantastic.

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