Grady speech/debate champ Michael Barlow meets President Obama

As we reported in a recent post, Grady High senior Michael Barlow did very well over this past summer at the National Association of Urban Debate League’s National Debate Tournament. As a part of the experience, Barlow toured Congress and the White House —  including a meeting with President Barack Obama on July 22. As Grady debate co-coach put it, “How cool is that?!” (Barlow’s the one shaking President Obama’s hand in the first picture.)

According to co-coach Lisa Willoughby, at the National Forensic League National Tournament held in Kansas City, Mo., in June, Barlow (with his partner, Holden Choi), placed somewhere between 15-20 as a team (they announce the top 14). At the National Urban Debate League National Tournament sponsored by Chase, held in New York City back in April, Barlow and Choi reached the semi-final round (the top four). In addition to honoring a team (two debaters) for its accomplishments, tournaments honor individual debaters with speaker awards. Barlow was the No. 3 speaker at that tournament. The NAUDL organized the Washington, D.C., trip, so they chose to honor the winning team and the top three speakers.

Check out this feature on Michael Barlow in the Atlanta Educator.

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  1. As Michael’s middle school language arts teacher at Brown, I am not surprised at the accomplishments he has made during his high school years. Your Dolphin family is so proud of you.

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