Hutchinson Elementary unveils new science lab

Ask students at Hutchinson Elementary how the Grand Canyon was formed, and they may just offer hands-on demonstration. Thanks to support from a network of community partners that includes Horace Mann and Chick-Fil-A, the year-round school celebrated the opening of its first interactive science lab. Inside, students donning face masks and lined notebooks gathered around shallow containers of sand. A slow stream of water quickly created dips and craters similar to those that define the national landmark.

“We are grateful to our partners for helping us to create this science lab for the students,” said Hutchinson Principal Dr. Rebecca Dashiell-Mitchell, who noted that the school has 25 partners, including Communities In Schools. “When test time rolls around, our students will know the content because they’ve had hands-on activities,” she said.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, the science lab adds a new dimension to lessons about plants or chemical reactions. Each student will participate in at least one two lab exercises each week. Teacher Marly Gregoire already has plans for her kindergarten students.

“We’ll be studying the life cycle of a plant,” she said. “The students also will learn the difference between living and non-living things when we grow our garden.”

In addition to the new science lab, Hutchinson also has a Promethean board in each classroom so students can learn valuable technical skills early in life.

“Hutchinson is committed to becoming a 21st century school so our students are ready to go out and compete in a 21st century world,” Gregoire said. “To compete in a global economy, these tools have to be familiar to our students at an early age.”

– To help teachers like Gregoire gain more comfort with 21st century learning tools such as iPods and iPads, School Reform Team 2 held a Technology camp before school started. Check out scenes from the camp. –

Watch Ms. Gregoire demontstrate use of the Promethean board to teach her students about the letter F.

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  1. Hello! I’ m from the the Philippines. I’m a parent of a student in one of the government school in our country. I would like to help our school to put up a science laboratory like yours Can you please help me how did you create that wonderful laboratory, I was so inspired . And especially about money matters, how did you create funds. In our school, we will start from scratch. We have no budget at the moment but i believe that with the help of our parents and teachers we can put one. We have a batch of intelligent students, putting up a laboratory will develop their knowledge especially in hands on matter about science. Hoping to help me.
    Good day and God bless!

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