APS celebrates Lawson system upgrade

APS Superintendent Dr. Beverly L. Hall joined Chief Information Officer David Williamson in congratulating a 50-member team that helped launch the Lawson system technology upgrade during a brief ceremony Friday in the CLL auditorium. The Lawson system manages APS transactions ranging from budget management to payroll. This upgrade goes a long way toward improving the district’s efficiency.

“Because of each of your contributions to this significant project, we’ve been able to automate, streamline and better manage the district’s functions — including human resources, procurement, financial management and so forth,” Dr. Hall told project participants. “To be candid, we attempted the upgrade a year ago, and we came up short. But this time, we got it right.”

Part of that credit goes to Williamson, who came in and and helped supervise an upgrade that includes five key components:

1. Improve compliance with the state chart of accounts established by the Georgia Department of Education, which helped the district simplify reporting and meeting audit requirements.
2. Implement asset-management process improvements for asset tracking as required by Atlanta Board of Education policy and regulations.
3. Gain efficiencies as the team reviewed its processes, and incorporate changes during the upgrade.
4. Help district departments break down “silos” and work collaboratively to resolve major issues.
5. Enable the APS community to gain a better understanding of the various modules, including set-up and integration.

Simply stated, with this upgrade, “APS is becoming a more efficient organization,” Dr. Hall said. “In spite of diminishing revenue, we’re able to keep the lion’s share of operating funds devoted to instruction. About 70 cents of every dollar we spend goes to our core business.”

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