More great news from Bolton Academy’s ePals exchange with Turkey

We love hearing from the folks at Bolton Academy and their impressive ePals relationship with Turkey, as noted in The Atlanta Educator. Here are a few snapshots:

In first photo, Cansu Samsun, Oktay Kuru and Zeynep Deniz Kavak interacted with Bolton Academy secondgraders. During the week of Sept. 6, the ePals Turkish exchange group of six students and two chaperoning teachers (Zeynep Deniz Kavak, Gencay Koç, Batuhan Gürsoy, Cansu Samsun, Ayça Karagülle, Burcu Özcanoğlu, Seda Ünaldı and Oktay Kuru) provided interactive lessons for kindergarten-12th-grade APS students. At Bolton Academy, Sutton Middle School and North Atlanta High School, the Turkish guests lead teachers, students and their families in comparing and contrasting Turkish and American cultures — celebrating differences and similarities.

On Sept. 9, North Atlanta High School’s International Studies Department and P.T.S.A. hosted a multicultural potluck for the ePals Turkish exchange group. The Turkish guests shared their courting ritual and wedding ceremony custom along with a Q&A session. (Watch the video here.)

Also, Cansu Samsun performs a Turkish folk song for Bolton Academy students’ families. Families were invited to cook dishes that represented their diverse cultures. On Sept. 7, these families shared their cultural food with Turkish ePals. The ePals exchange group shared their Turkish cultural presentation – singing, dancing and demonstrating customs along with children’s games.

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