Meet the APS High School Teacher of the Year: Wanda Brown-Cook, Carver School of the Arts

Wanda Brown-Cook
Carver School of the Arts
Dr. Marvin Pryor, principal
Randolph Bynum, associate superintendent of high schools
Wanda Brown-Cook, a native of Atlanta, graduated from Spelman College with a bachelor of arts degree in English. She received a master’s degree in education at Buffalo State University of New York in the Teacher Corps/Peace Corps program. Later, she pursued further studies at Troy State University. (Watch her acceptance speech as High School Teacher of the Year here.)

Currently, Brown-Cook is a teacher of American literature and a writer’s workshop at Carver School of the Arts. She considers herself an instructional strategist, one who constantly seeks innovative ways to involve students in the learning process. Her non-traditional teaching strategies motivate students to make steady progress over the years.

As a teacher, Brown-Cook believes that a team approach is the best strategy to improve student performance. Her goal is to develop students into critical and independent thinkers. She often says, “Our children are our greatest investment. Let us deposit our manpower, time, and money to receive a great profit.”

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