APS takes a tour on the Promethean ActivClassroom tour bus

We were thrilled to welcome Promethean‘s ActivClassroom tour bus, which camped outside the Center for Learning and Leadership all day Tuesday to show our staff and teachers all of the possibilities that an interactive-technology classroom experience can give students. APS e-learning specialists Courtenay Farnum and Felicia Clark-Culbertson hosted the bus, which was directed by Promethean senior area manager Douglas C. Knowles.

Inside we caught up with science teacher Lyndsey Collins of Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy (pictured, above) as she showed the potential for classroom instruction using the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, which currently is in 1,700 classroom throughout APS as well as throughout metro Atlanta school systems. (You may recall Lyndsey Collins as one of last year’s Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence winners.) Earlier in the day we spoke with the facilitators of the demonstrations, who noted how students become much more engaged in their lessons through the use of the Promethean Boards — including those who might normally shy away from classroom participation.

Big thanks to Andrea Waters-Winston, director of Learning Technologies Department for the head’s up on this event, and partner Terry Caldwell, sales consultant for Logical Choice Technologies.

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