Radio personality Elle Duncan helps Parks Middle students carve out career paths

Parks Middle School has always worked to provide students with positive role models and mentors to help carve their journey to success. Today was no exception as attorneys, chiropractors, funeral directors and scientists descended on the campus for Career Day.

“It was a great success this year,” said guidance counselor Barbara Santiago. “We actually had so many volunteers that we had to turn some away.”

In one seventh-grade class, Delta Air Lines pilot Patrick Ryan shared that is path to the cockpit of a commercial airplane included a stint cleaning high schools.

“You always thave to be prepared and work hard,” he said. “No matter what the task is, do your best.”

The day’s events culminated with a speech by V-103 on-air personality Elle Duncan, who urged students to block out distractions and focus on excelling in school.

“This is your chance,” she said. “No one is exempt from hurt or pain based on where they grew up. I had just as many opportunities to succeed as you do — but I also had just as many opportunities to fail.”

She also reminded students that the choices they make today will shape the course of their future. For seventh-grader Jonar Roper, Duncan and the other Career Day speakers offered encouraging words to keep him on the right path.

“Career Day motivates students to get to that next level,” he said. “It reminds you to set higher standards.”

Special thanks to guidance counselor LaTarsha Mills-McKie for sharing the good news about this event with!

8 thoughts on “Radio personality Elle Duncan helps Parks Middle students carve out career paths

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  1. Career Day was wonderful! I look forward to it every year and this year was the best yet! I am inspired by the speakers that come in to talk to the students. Our students can do it too!!! Keep up the good work Parks Middle school!!!

  2. Ms. Elle Duncan was a sweet person and came to parks to take her time out to talk to us about life and how it will be! ❤ 8thgrade wish you will come back again before our year is over.. i will miss parks nextyear!

  3. Parks has done it again!! As always, job well done, Mrs. McKie & Ms. Santiago!!! I miss you guys, and I will see you soon!!!

  4. Ms. Johnson, you always encourage us to do our best! We appreciate your kindness and support!

  5. Thank you Ms. Phillips. We can always count on you for support and a kind word!

  6. Thats me in the gray jacket we had so much fun… she is a very sweet lady and she told us what was said about us and im not going to go into deatils about what the talk was about…. but just know we had so much FUN…. parks love you..

  7. Thanks counselors for a wonderful job done! You ladies are simply the best!

  8. Congratulations, Parks, on another excellent event!! I know that the students gained valuable information from the presenters about careers.

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