Sutton Middle’s FBLA chapter earns national, state rankings

Sutton Middle School’s chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) has been ranked No. 5 among the FBLA Top Ten Middle School chapters in the nation. More than 100 students have joined the club since its recent inception, and committed to the FBLA mission. FBLA is a nationally organization with more than 200,000 members around the world, and helps students learn business-related skills and leadership skills while serving their communities.

Kameelah Chase, a business/techology education teacher at Sutton who serves as the FBLA chapter advisor, was pleased with the huge interest and support from administrators, parents and students.

Sutton’s chapter was established with the help of North Atlanta High School’s Chapter, as well as the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) office to help increase the unlimited opportunities FBLA provides for its members, and to help strengthen the transition from middle school to high school.

Sutton is the only APS middle school involved in FBLA, and there are many students who immediately joined FBLA after learning about the benefits — now and in the long run. Sutton had 47 students attend the Fall Motivational Rally in Perry, Ga., while 42 students attended the Fall Leadership Conference in nearby Athens. The students came back energetic and ready to start on their community service initiative, “FBLA for the Cure of Breast Cancer.”

“FBLA have proven to be the perfect club for those students trying to be involved or the already involved student,” Chase says.

The chapter’s first community service project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month featured students creating a bulletin board for students and staff to leave a positive message. Students also sold pink wristbands. Every Friday, the school celebrated Pink Fridays by wearing pink apparel. By allowing FBLA members to take ownership of the community service project, the entire school became involved instantly. The pink wristbands, the bulletin board and wearing pink were just a few ways for standing for a cause that impacts the lives of millions of people.

Other key contributors to the success are Dwionne Cannon and Naomi Whiters, North Atlanta advisors; Dr. Patricia Ford, CTAE director; and Dr. Michael Maze, CTE model teacher leader.

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  1. Its Great To Be In The FBLA. Its Awesome To Be IN The FBLA Top Ten Middle School, In 5Th Place! Yay! We Rock =)

  2. It’s awesome that you’re in the 5th place.My classmates worked really hard on the “Brest Cancer Awerness”. It took them alot of effert and deadication.And with the help of Mrs.Chaes it was extremlly fun!

  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMS FBLA CHAPTER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR LEGENDARY CHAPTER

  4. I am very proud of our FBLA Team! We made it as number 5 of the country! I love being on FBLA, and I wouldn’t be part of FBLA without my amazing teacher Ms. Chase! She brought this great opportunity for all of us! Thank you Ms. Chase!

  5. FBLA is an awesome club. It is super fun and everyone did a great job! I can’t believe wawe got 5th in the nation! You should join FBLA it is an awesome club!

  6. fbla is a great club and I feel it can really help the members be the furture learders of america

  7. FBLA is Awesome! It is such a fun club! We did a great job and had a lot of fun in FBLA. You should join FBLA it is such an amazing club! I can’t believe we got Fifth in the Nation. Thank you for your support!

  8. SMS has an excellent fbla program. Mrs. Chase did an excellent coordinating the program. We are very excited that we are in 5th place.

  9. We really worked hard! Thank you people of Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FBLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. this looks really nice and professional…i wish i would have attended; it also looks fun to……. 🙂

  11. this is a very fantabulistic thing to happen to sutton. also, hai.

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got first 5th and I was in those pictures. Thank for supporting our chapter.

  13. As a member of the sutton FBLA i thank alll of those who have supported us on our projects

  14. LETS GO FBLA. MRS CHASE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. sutton middle school fbla keep it up !!!!!!!! superduper

  16. Way to go, Sutton! We are so proud!!!

    –North Atlanta HS FBLA Advisers

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