Gideons Elementary student spells his way to success

Jamonté Kearse, a fifth-grader at Gideons Elementary (pictured above, middle), placed second in the Regional Spelling Legal Bee hosted by Michael B. King law firm on Dec. 18 at the National Archives on Jonesboro Road. During the competition, Kearse competed against students throughout Georgia. He received a trophy and $100 for his second-place finish. Kearse misspelled the legal word certiorari which means discretionary review of legal issue by an appeals court. The sponsoring teachers are Darlene Dobbs and Camille Neely.

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  1. Congrat son I am so very proud of you!! You are going places keep up the great work.. Love alway Mommy!!

  2. Way to go Jamonte’ and Gideon Elementary School! Continue to do great things with your students.

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