‘Doggies’ give Falcons a chance to fly on schedule

UPDATE: “Doggies on the Catwalk” has been rescheduled for Friday, Jan. 21, at the Grady High gym. Also, watch Georgia Public Broadcasting’s coverage of last year’s event here.

There’s a hilarious and fun piece in today’s AJC by “The Buzz” columnist Jennifer Brett, reporting on a key schedule change that should help both Grady High‘s annual “Doggies on the Catwalk” fashion show (Jan. 14) and the Atlanta Falcons‘ first-round playoff game (Jan. 15) go off without a hitch. Seems the Falcons were kind enough to allow wide receiver Brian Finneran and linebacker Coy Wire participate in the fashion show, which features guest models wearing clothes from the school’s acclaimed Urban Couture design program.

But the Falcons clinched home-field advantage in the upcoming playoffs, meaning Finneran and Wire need to observe the team’s curfew the previous night — same night as the fashion show! So instead of letting these Falcons flock to bed without getting their moment of fame, the school moved showtime up one hour to 7 p.m., in the gymnasium. The curfew is 7:30 p.m., so needless to say the Falcons will hit the runway first.

Proceeds from the show, coordinated by Grady design teacher Vincent Martinez, will go to Pets Are Loving Support (PALS), which helps give vet care and other services to pets of critically ill and disabled residents. For more info on “Doggies on the Catwalk,” visit this link. Come back to Talk Up APS for more coverage leading up to and through the event! (Read more from Martinez on his Fashionado blog here.)

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