B.E.S.T. Academy High School enjoys the ‘Best Part of the Day’

B.E.S.T. Academy High School has launched “Best Part of the Day” (or BPOD). Each morning, students adjust their bow ties, tuck in shirts, pull up pants, shake hands with administrators, and chat with counselors and teachers as music plays.

Once the music stops, B.E.S.T. students take a stand in their respective tenets: Commitment, Responsibility, Accountability, Determination, Integrity, Perseverance, Honor and Courage. The tenet Commitment of the Engineering and Technology Small Learning Community was recently recognized for outstanding leadership and high expectations in accordance to BPOD’s standards.

Best Part of the Day (BPOD) represents character-building and is designed to provide B.E.S.T. men with life-long tools and a positive environment to become responsible young men.

Students and staff recite their school creed proudly. Words of inspiration and encouragement from the administration and staff remind students that they are destined for greatness and are inevitably transforming into scholars each day. Students are also recognized for each milestone accomplished. With smiling faces and gratitude, B.E.S.T. men eagerly accept their awards. Living up to their motto, “Entering Determined, Exiting Prepared,” B.E.S.T. men epitomize loyalty and dedication during “Best Part of the Day” and beyond.

The Business & Entrepreneurship Small Learning Community at B.E.S.T. also has implemented a school-wide Teacher Best Part of the Day — a collaboration among teachers, the counselor, and the Academy Leader — to review effective teaching strategies, desirable student learning outcomes, standards-based instruction, and student assessment. ‘Motivational vitamins’ inspire teachers to help students succeed and increase student achievement.

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  1. Great Job!!! B.E.S.T. Academy Middle and High continues to move our students toward SUCCESS!!!

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