Grady High’s Urban Couture fashion design students strut their stuff with ‘Doggies on the Catwalk’

It came a week later than expected, but the Grady High gym was packed, the spotlights were streaming, the celebrities were preening and the dogs were barking as the “Doggies on the Catwalk” fashion event celebrated the work of the Urban Couture program’s senior designers under the tutelage of art teacher Vincent Martinez.

The senior designers: Willamae Boling, Anisha Patel, Lindy Menefee, Jalesa Reid, David Bufkin, Olivia Roorbach, Becca Daniels, Rakhety Livingston, Maiya Daniels, Asha Haki-Tyler, Kayla Banes, Mary Sommerville and Timothy Bennett. The celebrities included Evelyn Mims, Elle Duncan, Brian Finneran, Coy Wire, Jenni Lubo, Marian Goldberg, Dennis Dean, Rich Eldredge, Michaeline Roland, Reginald Walker, Ellen Harden, Rashan Ali, Tammie Reed, Lisa Rayner Tush and Richelle Carey.

But then there’s our celebrity, APS Media Production Manager Scott King, who worked tirelessly to provide this insider look into the event. Check out those camera angles! Also, you can learn more about the program and how it inspires the Grady High students with coverage here, here and here. (Here’s GPB’s video of last year’s event.) Also check out Vincent Martinez’s Fashionado blog here.

The event, hosted by 98.5 FM’s Vicki Locke, also served as a fundraiser for Pets Are Loving Support (PALS). The event benefited from tons of partner support, including dog handling by Piedmont Bark. Stay tuned for coverage of the

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