APS celebrates National School Counseling Week: Meet Jeanine Russo of Springdale Park Elementary

Update: Meet Andrew Ragland from Mays. Also, see the interview with Dr. Lenice Biggins Horton of Benteen and Humphries Elementary schools.

Last month, Atlanta Public Schools honored its school crossing guards for their dedication to protecting our students. This week, we go inside the schools and honor guidance counselors during National School Counseling Week, Feb. 7-11.

Professional school counselors at APS are certified, experienced educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in guidance and counseling. Not only do our counselors help students handle social issues such as bullying or peer pressure, they also offer support as students chart a path to college and careers.

“Counselors are the ultimate caregivers in a school and they wear so many hats,” said Ronald Garlington, Coordinator of K-8 Guidance and Counseling Services. “They tend to spend so much time taking care of everyone else and often go unappreciated and rarely acknowledged. They do not complain about this at all…they simply do what needs to be done and never ask for accolades.”

He noted that National School Counseling Week allows everyone to step back for a moment and honor the hard work of the school counselor. “It also helps the counselor to understand just how much they are actually appreciated. It is specifically important to us as counseling coordinators because it allows us to pat them on the back and say,  ‘THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!’ ”

Check back each day as TalkUpAPS.com features a few of our committed counselors, starting with Jeanine Russo of Springdale Park Elementary.

Hat tip to Ronald Garlington, coordinator of K-8 Guidance and Counseling Services, and LaVerne Ware, coordinator of High School Counseling and Student Support Services, for proudly sharing information about our amazing team of counselors.

9 thoughts on “APS celebrates National School Counseling Week: Meet Jeanine Russo of Springdale Park Elementary

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  1. Thanks for all that you do Byrd and Harvey! Best all around!
    Bunche Chargers!

  2. Ms. Ball , you are always on the ball . You are the greatest!
    Catchings 4th grade class-Parkside Elem.

  3. Thanks for being a great counselor! You are appreciated. We love you at Parkside Elementary.

  4. Counselors, you are the “heartbeat ” of your school. Your unselfish work sometimes go unnoticed and recognized by the adults, but you know that students know when you are not on campus! Continue the good work and remember the reason you entered this profession. The Atlanta School Counselor’s Assocation salutes you.

  5. Counselors, I value your hard work and dedication. Tamika Nash you are very dedicated in what you do.. Thanks for being a team player.. Ron continue to be an AWESOME leader..

  6. Thanks for being a team player and really caring about all children. School Counselor, Mr. Darryl Leverett,I salute you

  7. Happy National School Counseling Week to the Dynamic counselors of APS!!!!!

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