APS celebrates National School Counseling Week: Dr. Lenice Biggins Horton of Benteen and Humphries

Update: Meet Dr. Andrew Ragland from Mays.

APS students thrive, thanks to support from dedicated teachers, principals and support staff such as counselors. During National School Counseling Week, we turn our attention to the professionals who ensure that APS students thrive emotionally, socially and academically. Check out Monday’s blog post for more details.

Today, we feature Dr. Lenice Biggins Horton, guidance counselor for Benteen and Humphries elementary schools. Ronald Garlington, Coordinator of K-8 School Guidance & Counseling Programs, refers to Horton and her colleagues as “the ultimate caregivers in a school.”

In addition to reinforcing classroom instruction, APS counselors provide tools to help students handle other issues that might impact achievement. Professional school counselors at APS are certified, experienced educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in guidance and counseling.

Check out the video of Dr. Horton, who took time to chat during a recent counselors’ professional-development session. Also, be sure to say “thank you” to the counselor at your school today.

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