Four APS high schools recognized as Advanced Placement Honors Schools

Four APS high schools have been recognized by the College Board as Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Schools for their students’ performance on the tests associated with these rigorous college preparatory courses. The schools are recognized in several categories as listed below:

* 2011 AP Challenge Schools – Carver School of Health Sciences and Research, Maynard H. Jackson High School
* 2011 AP Access and Support Schools – Henry W. Grady High School
* 2011 AP STEM Schools – Benjamin E. Mays High School, Henry W. Grady High School

Grady High School was recognized in two categories of AP achievement.

AP Challenge Schools
are those with enrollments of fewer than 900 students and with students testing in the four core areas of English, mathematics, social studies and science.

AP Access and Support Schools are those with 30 percent taking the AP tests that are African American or Hispanic and at least 30 percent of all AP exams scores at 3 or higher.  

AP S.T.E.M. Schools are those with students testing in at least two AP math courses and two AP science courses and with at least 40 percent of the exam scores on AP math and science scoring a 3 or higher. Scoring 3 or better is considered passing on AP exams with 5 being highest achievable score.

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