APS celebrates National School Counseling Week: Meet Andrew Ragland of Mays High

Is there a difference between counseling high school students compared with elementary or middle school students? Andrew Ragland, an APS alum and counselor at Mays High, answered that question and more in the video above.

APS students thrive, thanks to support from dedicated teachers, principals and support staff such as counselors. During National School Counseling Week, we turn our attention to the professionals who ensure that APS students are prepared to excel emotionally, socially and academically. Professional school counselors at APS are certified, experienced educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in guidance and counseling. Be sure to thank these talented caregivers today!

We are grateful to Ronald Garlington, coordinator of K-8 Guidance and Counseling Services, and LaVerne Ware, coordinator of High School Counseling and Student Support Services, for proudly sharing information about our amazing team.

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