Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority kicks off Emerging Young Leaders program at Young Middle

The Nu Lambda Omega (NLO) Foundation, Incorporated of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated kicked off its Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) program with a parent and student meeting at Jean Childs Young Middle on Feb. 1. Comprised of four AKAdemies, EYL is the 2010 -2014 signature program of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for middle-school girls designed to extend the vision of the sorority by cultivating and encouraging high scholastic achievement.

The four AKAdemies are Leadership Development, Educational Enrichment, Civic Engagement and Character Building.  More than 70 participants were in attendance, including NLO Foundation President Cynthia R. Parks, EYL Committee Chairman Andrea Lewis, EYL Vice-Chairman Allysen Beckley, Young Middle Principal Thomas Kenner and EYL school liaisons Sonya Wright, Felecia Bradley and Claudette Deyamport

The sorority members hosted their first activity with EYL participants on Feb. 7., consisting of team-building exercises and scrapbooking. Through the NLO Foundation, the Atlanta-based AKA chapter plans to implement the EYL program at Young Middle throughout the school year to develop skills and talents of middle school girls with potential for becoming leaders within their local communities, as well as in other venues.

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