Elite Sisterhood sponsors a GoGirlGo! Open House at Carver School of Technology

Elite Sisterhood, Inc., hosted a GoGirlGo! Atlanta Open House for the female students at the Carver School of Technology and surrounding schools in late January. Elite Sisterhood, Inc., is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prepare young ladies for postsecondary education through the development of  positive self-image, leadership, and community service. GoGirlGo! is a part of the Women’s Sports Foundation;  the organization’s mission is to inspire young ladies to get involved in physical activity.

The School of Technology’s Epiphany Step Team performed during the welcome. Candice Dixon, the national program director for  GoGirlGo!, provided the history of the organization and presented each participant with T-shirts, book bags, and magnets for their hard work. The members of ESI hosted four concurrent breakout sessions: line dancing, step clinic, hip hop aerobics, and daily fitness tips. The young ladies from Cleveland Avenue Elementary’s  Just Be Beautiful, Inc.,  program were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Each participant had the opportunity to attend all four sessions. ESI provided the young ladies with nutritious snacks, and all of the girls signed pledge cards to get active within the month.

Hat tip to Christina Rogers, 10th grade literature teacher, for sharing the news!

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