Kimberly Elementary welcomes male rodels to ‘Donuts for Dads’

It may not have been the Million Man March, but the feeling and mood of the experience was the same — “Donuts for Dads” at L.O. Kimberly Elementary! Donuts for Dads is an annual tradition held by the Kimberly male staff, to gather the male figures and their children together in a time of reflection and instruction.

The event offers the students and guardians the time to experience quality instruction and strategies taught at the school. The event also highlights tips for success in each academic area and grade. Each year the participation increases — so much, in fact, that organizers had moved the event into the gymnasium where they still had guests eager to get in.

This year’s Donuts for Dads’ focus was mathematics, particularly multiplication for the upper grades. The facilitators provided strategies to assist the students in multiplying all numbers. There were various fourth- and fifth-grade students assisting guardians with the multiplication examples. Kimberly Stingers are “Buzzing with Success!”

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