Record Number of APS Submitted Projects in the Georgia Student Media Festival

Congratulations to the record number APS media specialists and teachers who sponsored projects at the Georgia Student Media Festival (GSMF) held Friday April 29 at the Clayton County Professional Learning Center. APS had a record year at the festival, with 94 entries from across the district. Thirty-four of the projects scored 96 or higher (another all-time high), which makes them eligible for the International Student Media Festival (ISMF) being held November 10-12 in Jacksonville, Florida. Special thanks to all the APS Learning Technology Specialists who assisted with project development, submission, registration, and judging. Below is the list of the qualifying entries.

APS media specialists and teachers are no strangers to the competition. Eight of the sixteen APS GSMF student projects won at the ISMF last year. Congratulations and good luck.

School Title SRT
West Manor My Hero, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery 1
Peyton Forest The Kidnapper 1
Stanton, DH “Stop Thief!” 2
Stanton, DH “Paul Revere: American Hero 2
Capitol View The Tundra biome 2
Capitol View Desert Ecosystem 2
Centennial World War I 3
Cook Land form 3
Cook Martin Luther King Timeline 3
Toomer Our trip to Costa Rica 3
Cook What Would you Do? 3
Toomer Toomer’s Garden – Our Movie 3
Cook Don’t be a bully 3
Springdale Park Water, Water, every where 3
Springdale Park The epic journey through Water 3
Springdale Park Charles Ives 3
Inman “Speak Up” 3
BEST Together we can recycle 4
BEST Together we can create 4
Bolton My Dog Nika 4
Bolton My trip to Disney World 4
Bolton My trip to Sea World 4
Bolton Bolton Academy Recycle Village 4
Bolton Weather Forecasting 4
Bolton Wowl Weather 4
Harper Archer Test Your Math Skills 4
Smith ES Internet Central 4
Smith ES – primary North American Symbols 4
Carver – EC Fierce Couture OHS
S Atlanta – CAD A Plants Life to Success OHS
S Atlanta – CAD “Journey To Success” OHS
S Atlanta – CAD Cooper VS the Silver OHS
S Atlanta – CAD “Who Turn Out the Lights?” OHS

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