Eighth Graders Make Significant Gains on the 21st Century Skills Assessment

As of 2008, all 50 states were required to report to the U.S. Department of Education on technology literacy, using information and communication technology (ICT) standards based on the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for Students (International Society for Technology in Education [ISTE], 2007).

As a district, our 8th grade students made significant gains from the administration of the pre and post 21st Century Skills Assessment.  This is the first year our 8th grade students have been assessed using the state sponsored 21st Century Skills Assessment; therefore the results are providing baseline data.  Since the implementation of Technology Awareness for Global Citizens (TAGC), 8th grade students have demonstrated gains in the area of mastering the National Educational Technology Standards for Students.

The 8th Grade 21st Century Skills Assessment was administered in February 2011. This assessment uses a blend of interactive, multiple choice, performance-based and knowledge-based questions to measure and report technology literacy.  The assessment is administered online and questions are randomly assigned to students.

We congratulate the following students for being the 2010-2011 top district performers on the 8th Grade 21st Century Skills Assessment:

Jefferson Martin
Jokull Reynisson
Lena Adams
Nicholas Caamano

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