Atlanta Board of Education votes to extend Interim Superintendent’s contract

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Board of Education this afternoon voted to extend Interim Superintendent Erroll B. Davis’ employment contract to one year, following his presentation to them of an initial action plan to address the issues raised in the state CRCT investigation report.

          Davis, who became interim superintendent last Friday, is now scheduled to serve in the position until June 30, 2012.  The action followed an executive session (closed door) of the Board to discuss personnel issues and potential litigation.

          During the earlier public session, Davis presented his initial action plan in response to Tuesday’s release of the state CRCT investigation report.  The plan includes:

  • Addressing personnel issues identified in the report
  • Moving the district’s Office of Internal Resolution (OIR) from Human Resources to Internal Audits, which reports directly to the Board
  • Setting ‘trigger points’ that will result in automatic investigations of schools whose test scores increase by a larger than normal percentage
  • Initiating climate surveys to periodically assess the culture at district schools and offices
  • Adding customer service and student support key measures to the district’s “Balanced Scorecard”, which is used to evaluate the performance of departments and employees on an annual basis
  • Establishing annual mandatory ethics training for all employees
  • Training of test coordinators by an external group
  • Developing an academic remediation plan for students impacted by testing improprieties.

Earlier today, the Board voted to accept the state CRCT investigation report and Davis’ initial action plan for addressing issues identified by the state probe.


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