Q and A: How will you help parents regain trust and what about the questionable graduation rates in our high schools?

Each day this week we have posted one question and answer from last week’s SNAPPS town hall meeting between superintendent Davis and members of the community.  This is the final question in our series.  The next town hall meeting will be held on August 30th, 2011 at Parkside Elementary School and hosted by Board Chair Brenda Muhammad.

I’m an active parent, but I was blindsided by the report. How will you evaluate the impact over the last 12 years?  How will you help parents regain trust?  What about our high schools – this is the last shoe to drop with questions about the graduation rates and more.  How will you investigate them?

 Davis: We will regain that trust naturally if we do our jobs well.  How do you identify children harmed?  The wrongdoing happened primarily in 2009, two years ago. It could have been longer; it probably did. We can probably make assumptions about who was harmed if we look at 2008, 2009 and 2010 performance results. I am gravitating toward assessing as many students as possible and then remediating students by need. 

Regarding our high schools, I have already commissioned an audit of EOCT results and grading in our high schools. The results should give us some indication if anything is wrong.

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