Board of Education Meeting Agenda – September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011




7:00 PM – LEGISLATIVE MEETING* (Action will be taken)

*An executive session may take place before, during or at the conclusion of the meeting to discuss any appropriate topics. 

*Action may be taken



Monday, September 12, 2011


Ms. Brenda Muhammad, Board Chair

Mr. Erroll B. Davis, Jr., Superintendent

1. Call to Order

1.01   Approval of the Committee of the Whole Agenda

1.02   Approval of the August Meeting Minutes

           Board Work Session:


           Student Intervention Plan

           Dr. Eric Rosser, Program Administrator for Project GRAD


           Mr. Chuck Burbridge, Chief Financial Officer      

2. Consent – Policy and Accountability

2.01   Report No. 11/12-1711 Authorization to Revise Policy BBBC Board Member Development Opportunities (Final Approval)

2.02   Report No. 11/12-1712 Authorization to Revise Policy BBF Advisory Committees (Final Approval)

2.03   Report No. 11/12-1713 Authorization to Repeal Policy BG Board Memberships (Final Approval)

2.04   Report No. 11/12-1714 Authorization to Revise Policy ABB Board Powers and Duties (Final Approval)

2.05   Report No. 11/12-1715 Authorization to Revise Policy ABCE Board Member Resignation (Final Approval)

2.06   Report No. 11/12-1716 Authorization to Revise Policy BBA Board Officers (Final Approval)

2.07  Report No. 11/12-1717 Authorization to Repeal Policy BB Internal Organization (Final Approval)

2.08   Report No. 11/12-1718 Authorization to Revise Policy BD Policy Development (Final Approval)

2.09   Report No. 11/12-5106 – Personnel Gains, Losses, Promotions, Appointments, Creations, Reclassifications and Abolishments

2.10  Report No. 11/12 -5107 Workers’ Compensation Settlements

3. Consent – Finance

3.01   Report No. 11/12-1116 – Authorization to Enter Into and Execute a Contract to Provide Computer Adaptive Assessments and Reporting Services

3.02   Report No. 11/12-1117 – Authorization to Enter Into and Execute a Contract to Provide Data Team Training and Materials

3.03   Report No. 11/12-1118 – Authorization to Enter Into and Execute a Contract to Provide Readers, Portable Capture Stations and Accessories

3.04   Report No. 11/12-1120 – Authorization to Enter Into and Execute Contracts to Provide Professional Learning Content and Services for APS Educators

3.05   Report No. 11/12-1121 – Authorization to Amend Report No. 11/12-1127 to Provide Software Usage, Data Hosting, Maintenance and Support for Recruitment Management Software

 3.06   Report No. 11/12-1122 – Authorization to Enter Into and Execute Contracts with Supplemental Educational Services Providers

3.07   Report No. 11/12-1123 – Authorization to Amend Report No. 10/11-1208 with Teach for America that Provides Teachers and Professional Development

3.08   Report No. 11/12-1124 – Authorization to Amend Report No. 10/11-1201 to   Purchase Read 180 Next Generation Software, Materials and Professional Development


3.09  Report No. 11/12-1125 – Authorization to Enter Into and Execute a Contract with America’s Choice

4. Consent – Operations

4.01  Report No. 11/12-4301 – Authorization to Grant Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc. D/B/A AT&T Georgia an Easement at the Parkside Elementary School Property

5. Consent – Legal


6. Discussion and Action


7. Board Resolutions

   7.01  Report No. 11/12 – 0110 Resolution to Submit the Final Institution Progress Report to Advanced/SACS on September 12, 2011 Two Weeks Prior to the Monitoring Visit

7.02  Report No. 11/12 – 0111 – Adopting State Board of Education Local School Board Governance Standards

8. Old/New Business

     Old Business

     8.01  SACS Status Update

     New Business


9. Information

9.01   Board Travel Report

9.02   Atlanta Public Schools Consultant and Professional/Technical Services Contracts – July 16, 2011 – August 15, 2011

10. Adjournment

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