Weekly Sports Schedule 9-12-11 through 9-17-11

Please find below your weekly APS sports schedule. 

Congratulations to Grady High School on their first place win and North Atlanta High School on their second place win during this weekend’s first annual APS Volleyball Invitational!

Grady High Ladies Volleyball Team takes 1st Place
Date Teams Time Location
  Varsity Football    
16-Sep Maynard Jackson @ Decatur 7:30PM Decatur
16-Sep South Atlanta @ Clarkston 5:15PM Hallford Stadium
16-Sep Riverwood @ North Atlanta 5:30PM Grady Stadium
16-Sep Therrell @ Buford 7:30PM Buford
16-Sep Grady @ Druid Hills 7:30PM Adams Stadium
16-Sep Carver @ Douglass 8:00PM Grady Stadium
17-Sep Miller Grove @ Mays 4:00PM Grady Stadium
  Junior Varsity Football    
9/14/2011 Douglass @ BEST 5:15PM Grady Stadium
9/14/2011 Grady@ Carver 7:00PM Grady Stadium
9/15/2011 Jackson @ S. Atlanta 5:15PM Grady Stadium
9/15/2011 Newton @ N. Atlanta 5:30PM North Atlanta High
9/15/2011 Therrell @ Arabia Mountain 5:00PM Avondale Stadium
9/15/2011 Mays @ Washington 7:00PM Grady Stadium
  Middle School Football    
9/17/2011 Long @ Coan 9:00AM Grady Stadium
9/17/2011 Inman @ Young 10:45AM Grady Stadium
9/17/2011 Parks @ BEST 12:30PM Grady Stadium
9/17/2011 King @ Sylvan 10:00AM S. Atlanta
9/17/2011 Price @ Bunche 12:00PM S. Atlanta
9/17/2011 Harper-Archer @Druid Hills 9:00AM Adams Stadium
9/17/2011 Brown @ Sutton 10:00AM N. Atlanta High
9/13/2011 Tucker/ Carver/ Miller Grove 5:30PM Tucker
9/13/2011 Tri-Cities/ Northgate/ Douglass 5:00PM Tri-Cities
9/13/2011 Grady/ C. Grove/ Ara. Mtn. 5:30PM Cedar Grove
9/13/2011 S. Atlanta/ Landmark Christian 5:00PM S. Atlanta
9/13/2011 Jackson/ Greenforest/ Lamar Co. 5:30PM Jackson
9/13/2011 Washington/ Sandy Creek/ Drew 5:30PM Washington
9/13/2011 Therrell @ SACA 5:30PM SACA
9/13/2011 Mays @ Fayette Co 5:30PM Fayette Co
9/15/2011 Carver @ Therrell 5:30PM Therrell
9/15/2011 Grady/ Mays/ S. Atlanta 5:30PM Grady
9/15/2011 Washington/ Jackson/ Westlake 5:30PM Washington
9/12/2011 Douglass @ CSK 5:30PM CSK
9/12/2011 S. Atlanta @ Mays 5:30PM Mays
9/13/2011 Carver @ Redan 5:00PM Redan
9/13/2011 Tucker @ Douglass 5:30PM CSK
9/13/2011 Druid Hills @Grady 5:30PM Crim
9/13/2011 Mays @ SWD 5:00PM SWD
9/13/2011 North Atlanta @ Washington 5:30PM Washington
9/13/2011 Jackson @ S. Atlanta 5:30PM S. Atlanta
9/13/2011 Therrell @ Lovett 5:30PM Lovett
9/14/2011 Mays @ Chamblee 5:30PM Murphy- Candler Park
9/14/2011 S. Atlanta vs. Westminster 5:30PM S. Atlanta
9/15/2011 Carver @ Marist 5:30PM Marist
9/15/2011 Douglass @ Lithonia 5:30PM Lithonia
9/15/2011 Washington @ Grady 5:30PM Crim
9/15/2011 North Atlanta @ Druid Hills 5:30PM Druid Hills
9/15/2011 Westminster @ Jackson 5:30PM S. Atlanta High
  Middle School Softball    
9/13/2011 Parks @ CSK 5:00PM Southside 1
9/13/2011 Kennedy @Drew 5:00PM Southside 2
9/13/2011 Sylvan @ King 5:00PM Southside 3
9/15/2011 Brown @ Long 5:00PM Southside 2
9/15/2011 Bunche @ Sutton 5:00PM Southside 1
9/15/2011 Inman @ Young 5:00PM Southside 4
9/15/2011 Harper-Archer@ Price 5:00PM Southside 3
  Cross Country    
9/14/2011 BEST/ Carver/ N. Atlanta/ Jackson 5:00PM Grant Park
9/14/2011 Jackson/ Douglass/ Washington 5:00PM Grant Park
9/14/2011 CSK/ Therrell/ Grady/ S. Atlanta 5:00PM Grant Park
9/17/2011 N. Atlanta @ Altitude Invitational 8:30AM Mercer University
9/17/2011 Grady @ Altitude Invitational 8:00AM Mercer University
9/17/2011 Carver @ Sandy Creek High Invitational 8:00AM Sandy Creek High

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