Student Advisory Program Launched at all APS Middle Schools

This week, Young Middle School launched it Advisory Program as part of the Middle School Transformation district initiative in which all middle schools will implement a student Advisory Program this year.
Advisory is way to ensure that all middle students have an adult advocate at school. It is a way of personalizing the middle school environment so that each student has an adult who knows him or her well and is the vital link between school and home. The advisory program will focus on college awareness, career exploration, and academic support and life skills.

8th grader Caleb Smith, center, participates in a human chain activity with classmates as part of Young's advisory program
“Throughout our advisory activities today, there was a lot of self-reflection by students which in turn made it easier for them to buy into advisory. They were able to express how they felt without being judged,” said Felix Ruffin, 8th Grade Georgia Studies Teacher and Young’s Advisory Program Coordinator.
All Young Middle School students will engage in advisory activities one hour per week throughout the entire school year and take an active role in planning the activities. “The human chain team building activity was really great and gave me a chance to bond with my friends. I also enjoyed our discussion about what my hero means to me in my life,” said 8th grader Caleb Smith.

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  1. I believe this will help the students to be more active in their education process

  2. This Is A Real Pretty Picture But Yall Should Have Sure Everybody In The Picture Was Dressed Right And That Everydody Was In Order.!

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