APS 4th & 8th grade students produce largest gains in the nation in 3 of 4 tested categories on national tests

ATLANTA – APS 4th and 8th grade students had the largest growth in 3 of 4 tested categories over the past decade on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests, outpacing all other states and school districts reporting scores.  The results of the 2011 NAEP math and reading tests released today clearly reflect this continued escalated student academic performance trend.

APS 8th grade students gained 17 points on the NAEP reading test results since 2002.  APS 4th grade students gained 16 points on the NAEP reading test result for the same period.

APS 8th grade students gained 22 points on the NAEP mathematics test results since 2003.  APS 4th grade students gained 12 points on the NAEP mathematics test results for the same period.

APS students effectively closed the achievement gap with other large cities in 4th and 8th grade reading.  APS also made consistent progress in closing the performance gap with other large cities, the state and the nation across the NAEP mathematics tests.  And, there remains a performance gap between African American and White students, as efforts continue to narrow the differential.

“This is the kind of consistent academic performance improvement over time that we value the most, because it affirms the sustainability of this achievement based on the quality and effectiveness of the district’s teachers and the curriculum and instructional programs provided our students on a daily basis,” said Superintendent Erroll B. Davis.  “These results on national standardized tests clearly show that our student performance is real as achieved over a long period of time.”

Davis also attributed this student academic achievement to business and community partners who have devoted tens of millions of dollars and other resources to APS and district schools over the past decade, as well as to parents and guardians who have partnered with APS instructional staff to help achieve these results.

NAEP, also referenced as the Nation’s Report Card, is a uniform assessment of student performance administered across the nation by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES).  The standards upon which NAEP is developed are more rigorous than the current Georgia state standards upon which the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) is based.


Atlanta Public Schools is one of 21 urban school districts that voluntarily participates in the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) and has its NAEP results individually reported.  Other school systems take the NAEP, but their scores are included in their state’s overall NAEP results.

ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS is educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world. We are committed to ensuring that all students graduate from our schools ready for success in college and life.

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  1. While reading this, I had my doubts to the validity of the numbers. But, I am hoping they are good numbers – I somewhat doubt APS would be putting out impressive score improvements without valid results because of the recent APS scandal/debacle. APS should be an incredible education for our kids – we pay a lot of taxes and demand it. All this turmoil should result in positive change – if not, we (the parents) will make it happen. I am hopeful.

  2. The NAEP tests are administered by officials at the national level NOT at the school-district level. The tests are given under very strict circumstances.

    There are many hard-working adults — and, of course students — who remain at the school district. Their collective work has produced real results. Congratulations to APS.

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