Youth Entrepreneurs and Hershey present the 2012 Create Your Own Candy Bar Contest

Youth Entrepreneurs Atlanta, in partnership with The Hershey Company, is currently accepting application submissions for the 2012 Create Your Own Candy Bar Contest.  The contest is a fun way for students to enhance their understanding of market research concepts and the five Ps of marketing:  People, Place, Promotion, Product and Price.  Groups consisting of five students or less will create a new, unique and innovative candy concept that addresses a specific target market.

Members of the winning group will win a Hershey Prize Pack valued at 125.00 per person, a five pound Hershey bar and a job shadow experience with Hershey.  Additional prizes may include a Hershey logo T-shirt, gift certificates and Hershey branded notebooks.

To register for entry groups must meet the following requirements:  students must attend an Atlanta Public High School; groups must consist of at least two people and no more than five people; finalists from previous contest years are not eligible to participate.

To enter, teachers must register student groups for entry at  After completing the registration forms, each teacher will receive a contest toolkit and submission template via email.  The deadline for submission is 5:00 pm January 31, 2012.  Complete submissions should be emailed to

The top nine entries will be announce on February 6, 2012 and these groups will present their ideas for the grand prize on March 1 at the Georgia Pacific center.

Youth entrepreneurs Atlanta is a privately funded business education program that partners with Tucker High School and Atlanta Public Schools.  The organization’s mission is to provide students with business and entrepreneurial education experiences that help them prosper and become contributing members of society.

For more information please email, and to view pictures of last year’s competition please visit

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  1. I was apart of this program last year and it was exciting .

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