Superintendent Erroll Davis proposes central office reorganization to better support schools

      ATLANTA – Superintendent Erroll B. Davis, Jr. is reviewing with the Atlanta Board of Education a partial reorganization plan for the district’s central office to redirect more resources to support district schools.
          The plan calls for the elimination or reclassification of sixty-four positions and the creation of sixty-three new or reclassified positions, most of the latter specifically designed to provide more support to the teaching and learning environment.
          The district divisions and departments impacted by the plan include Chief of Staff, Finance, Human Resources, Office of Superintendent and Communications.  The majority of the new positions are in the Human Resources and Finance divisions.  Cost savings associated with the plan amount to $500,000.
          New positions associated with the plan will be posted, and eligible APS employees will be encouraged to apply for them.
          “This initial reorganization is intended to transform each division from a tactical, process-oriented culture to a more high-performing, operationally-efficient organization,” said Davis.  “The overall impact will be to advance the capabilities of divisions and departments in their respective missions to better support schools and instruction.”
          The reorganization plan also calls for the reclassification of Steve Smith from Deputy Superintendent & Chief of Staff to Associate Superintendent.
          The proposed reorganization plan will be reviewed with the Atlanta Board of Education at its next monthly meeting on February 6, 2012.

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