M. Agnes Jones Elementary adds full salad bar to lunch line-up

Submitted by Margul Woolfolk, Principal, M. Agnes Jones Elementary

Agnes Elementary staff wear fruit and veggie hats to promote health and wellness.

M. Agnes Jones Elementary Schools’ cafeteria is now offering a complete salad bar to students for lunch.  Two weeks earlier, students were able to vote online for their favorite fruits and vegetables in preparation for the salad bar.  Now every day, students are able to make a healthy salad to add to their entrée of the day.

Students were taught how to use the salad bar, make good choices, use portion control, and to always use hand sanitizer before entering the area.

With much fanfare, including staff members wearing hats with fruit and vegetables on them to remind students to make healthy choices at lunch, students are excited to go to lunch.  Wisdom Harper, a 4th grade student said, “I usually don’t like salad, but I like the one I made.  I took lettuce and put baby carrots on it.  I loved the fresh oranges.  They looked like they were just picked two seconds ago.”

The M. Agnes Jones’ salad bar is a healthy addition to the school that is trying to be Fit4Life!  With the Fit4Life Challenge, Activity Works, and HealthMPowers programs in place and now a salad bar, LETTUCE tell you they are off to a good start.

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