Atlanta Board of Education approves redistricting plan, seven schools to close

The Atlanta Board of Education approved an amended redistricting plan early this morning that will close seven schools and create nine clusters of elementary, middle and high schools in an effort to increase enrollment in under-capacity schools and provide additional educational resources for students to increase their academic performance.

The approval followed a marathon meeting at Maynard Jackson High School that included more than 60 community members who addressed the board, most speaking on the redistricting issue.

The board amended the district’s revised proposed plan by removing F. L. Stanton, D. H. Stanton and Towns elementary schools from the closure list.

The redistricting plan opens enrollment at the district’s two single gender middle and high schools – Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy and B.E.S.T. Academy – to students throughout the district. It also creates 9 clusters of elementary schools feeding into the same middle schools and into specific high schools, so that most students will stay together throughout their K12 educations.

The redistricting plan will be implemented, beginning with the 2012-13 school year.

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