Twenty-two APS students earn 2012 Gates Millennium Scholarships

Twenty-two Atlanta Public Schools students have been awarded 2012 Gates Millennium Scholarships – the third highest number of Gates scholarships awarded in the nation this year.

A total of only 1,000 students across the nation were awarded these prestigious college scholarships, which can be used to pursue degrees in any undergraduate major at colleges and universities of the recipients’ choice. The scholarships cover students’ tuition, room and board through undergraduate schools and beyond for recipients who decide to pursue advanced degrees.

APS students who earned 2012 Gates Millennium Scholarships are:

First Name Last Name High School Name
Douglas Ruffin Benjamin E. Mays HS
Maya Knight Booker T. Washington HS
Brittany Brown Booker T. Washington HS
Juwan Bolton Booker T. Washington HS
Wade’ Ruff Booker T. Washington HS
Cesar Chavez Carver Health Sciences & Research
Ashley Thomas Carver School Of The Arts
Makeeva Walker Carver Early College HS
Kaitlin Camp Frederick Douglass HS
Jasmine Davis Frederick Douglass HS
Rifat Mursalin Frederick Douglass HS
Raveen Ford Henry W. Grady HS
Abena Amoakuh Henry W. Grady HS
Chantil Coleman Henry W. Grady HS
Shafiq Gyagenda Henry W. Grady HS
Alexander Greene Maynard H. Jackson HS
Cierra Martin North Atlanta HS
André Goddard North Atlanta HS
James Atkins S. Atlanta Computer Animation & Design
Sandra Porter South Atlanta Health & Medical Sciences
Amber Davis South Atlanta Health & Medical Sciences
Erica Kimbro Therrell Law, Government & Public Policy

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  1. I had the pleasure of teaching Maya Knight during her middle school years and have been able to keep in touch with her throughout her high school years. I am proud and elated by her achievement. She is a testimony to the success that hardwork brings.

  2. I just want to say that I am a teacher at Maynard Jackson High School and I am so proud of Alex and all of his accomplishments. He works so hard, this young man will be going places.

  3. This has me in tears! Oh, the opportunity college affords, and for free. I had a former student who went to Howard University on the Gates Scholarship and also was able to do an international study in S.Africa. I am elated for these students and their families for such a life changing and meaningful reward for hard work! All the best! Great job APS, this is what shouldve been all over the news with the media!!!!

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