Tuskegee Airmen Honored by F.L. Stanton Students, Staff and Congressman John Lewis

Enjoy this photo gallery from Career Day at F. L. Stanton Elementary, recognizing the contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Students paid tribute to Master Sergeant Earl Martin, Master Sergeant W.O. Smith and Chief Master Sergeant Donald Summerlin.

Honorees were escorted into the program by the F. L. Stanton cheerleaders, followed by the presentation of colors by honor guards from Atlanta Fire Safety.  A tribute to the Airmen was given by Congressman John Lewis.  Stanton school counselor Dale Tate presented a proclamation from the office of the Mayor and Governor.

Airman Summerlin was one of three honorees.
Airmen were cheered into the building by Stanton cheerleaders.


Sgt. Michael Bell, USAF, salutes the Airmen.


Counselor Tate pays tribute to Airman Summerlin.


Airmen Smith, Sommerlin and Martin are greeted by Principal Weems.


Congressman John Lewis provided a tribute.


Stanton students had a front row seat to living history.



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  1. It was a wonderful event. There were several very special moments.
    One, Congressman John Lewis spoke to our audience honoring the Airmen and two- the smiles our kindergarten students had when they were able to walk in the reception area after the program and the Airmen greeted them, shook hands and signed every autograph that was needed.–The event was well worth the many hours of preparation the Tuskegee Airmen Day Committee spent in honoring the Airmen —

    Dale Tate
    Guidance Counselor
    Tuskegee Airmen Day, Chair

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