D.H. Stanton Elementary and Parkside Elementary Win Big at Fulton County Mock Trial Competition

A seasoned D.H. Stanton team took home the Legal Lives top honor, winning the competition for a 2nd time.
In their first appearance at the competition, students from Parkside Elementary won the Judge’s Choice award.

Students from D. H. Stanton and Parkside Elementary tested their speech and debate skills last week and emerged victorious in the Fulton County Legal Lives Mock trial competition held on May 9th, 2012, held at the Fulton County Courthouse.

For the second time, students from D.H. Stanton Elementary took the highest honor–the D.A.’s cup.  In addition to the team’s overall win, four of the outstanding fifth graders won trophies for individual participation.

New to legal lives this year was Parkside Elementary School.  The first time contenders accomplished a task that was almost implausible.  The Gifted team won the Judge’s Choice award in their trial performance against North Fulton County, State Bridge Crossing Elementary, a three-year competitor.  Four fifth graders from Parkside also won trophies for their roles as prosecutor, defendant, witness and judge.

Every student that participated in the Legal Lives 12-week course received a trophy for their effort.

To culminate the unit study, a total of 5 of the gifted students from the two schools were selected from their persuasive essays to visit the Nation’s Capital and Monuments.

2 thoughts on “D.H. Stanton Elementary and Parkside Elementary Win Big at Fulton County Mock Trial Competition

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  1. This is so lovely, it is great to see contributions like this, making a difference in young people setting a standard for others to follow. Be blessed and praise and thanks to the Almighty God for all your giftings always. Jannetta all the way from Trinidad and Tobago.

  2. Way to go, Parkside Gifted students, DAs and gifted teachers. We’re sooo proud of all of you.

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