APS media specialists secure critical funding to update media center book collections

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Thanks to the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries, students at 17 APS schools will have a chance to experience the unlimited joy of opening a new book.  Media specialists from the schools submitted award winning grant proposals to the foundation for up to $5,000 in funding to expand, update and diversify their school’s library book collections.  The foundation awarded more APS schools funding than any other district in the nation. 

Warren Goetzel, APS Media Services Coordinator, states that external funding is critical to build and maintain balanced book collections. Goetzel points out that elementary school libraries currently receive about $15.31 per student per year in state funding, while middle schools and high schools get about $13.03 per student.

 “And that’s for all media materials, not just books,” says Goetzel, who made a strong push for his media specialists to apply for the grant this year. “The average cost of a book is $25. Books become obsolete pretty rapidly these days, and they don’t have the money to update them.”

Goetzel adds that the average usable life of a non-fiction book is about five years due to rapid changes in science and technology.

“Consider that Pluto’s not a planet anymore. “Any time there are those kinds of changes, you have to discard the book and start over.”

Goetzel is particularly proud of his media specialists for rising to the challenge and taking advantage of this crucial funding opportunity.

“Our media specialists are so dedicated to their staff and students to make sure that they have the most updated resources available.”

The grant-winning APS media centers are listed below: 

  1. B.E.S.T. Academy High
  2. Burgess-Peterson Academy
  3. Carter G. Woodson Elementary
  4. Centennial Place Elementary
  5. Charles L. Gideons Elementary
  6. Crawford W. Long Middle
  7. D. H. Stanton Elementary
  8. Harper-Archer Middle
  9. Jean Childs Young Middle
  10. Luther Judson Price Middle
  11. Perkerson Elementary
  12. The New 21st Century Learning Center, Alonzo A. Crim Open Campus
  13. Therrell School of Law, Government and Public Policy
  14. Walter Francis White Elementary
  15. Whitefoord Elementary
  16. William J. Scott Elementary
  17. William M. Finch Elementary

 The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries supports the education of children by providing funds to update, extend and diversify the book and print collections of America’s school libraries.  Further information is available at www.laurabushfoundation.org

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