Final Opportunity for Student Transfers

Today, Friday, June 15, 2012, is the final day to submit applications for student transfers.

Pursuant to Georgia law, Atlanta Public Schools offers public school choice through the administrative transfer process.  Friday, June 15th, 2012 is the final day for parents and guardians to request a general administrative transfer  for their children for the 2012-2013 school year.  General administrative transfers are transfers that allow students to attend an out of zone school if space is available in the out of zone school.

Transfers applications are selected by lottery and not first come first served. Applications may be submitted in person on ANY of the following remaining dates:  June 11 – June 15, 2012 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Applications are accepted at the Department of Student Relations located at 130 Trinity Ave., 2nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

Applications submitted by mail or fax will not be accepted.  All city of Atlanta residents are eligible to apply for administrative transfers.  Non-resident students may also apply but tuition will be required.  Children of APS full time non-resident employees are considered residents and allowed to attend APS schools tuition-free

General administrative transfers are granted based upon space availability. If the number of applications for a given school exceeds the number of available spaces, a random lottery will be conducted to provide each interested student with an equal opportunity to be admitted. Applications must be submitted in person. Applications will be assigned a lottery identification number which will be used to randomly select approvals for transfers should the number of applicants surpass the number of available seats at a particular school.

CLICK HERE to view Elementary Schools accepting General Administrative Transfers.

CLICK HERE to view Middle Schools accepting General Administrative Transfers.

CLICK HERE to view High Schools accepting General Administrative Transfers.

Transportation under this public school choice option is the responsibility of the parent.  A general administrative transfer is valid through the highest grade of the school for which the transfer is approved. A transfer does not grant students the right to attend the next school in the feeder pattern

Parents are required to submit the following documents with the transfer application. You may attach a copy of all required residency documents to the application or you may bring the originals to the Department of Student Relations and we will make a copy of your residency documents.
a) Current mortgage statement, deed, lease or statement from housing authority;
b) Georgia Power utility bill dated within thirty (30) days of your application date;
c) Photo Identification or APS employment badge (if parent or legal guardian is an APS employee).
d) Any two (2) of the following documents:
1). For the current year, a property tax statement which shows the name and address;
2). Voter registration documentation;
3). Current motor vehicle registration;
4). Employer documentation (e.g. application for employment, health insurance, previously issued W- 2 or Form 1099, pay stub) which evidences the location of the legal residence;
5). Current bank, credit union, or other financial institution documentation (e.g. loan documents,
credit card statement, monthly activity statement, voided check) which evidences the location of
the legal residence;
6). Receipt to have utilities connected; or
7). Current homeowners or renters insurance.

CLICK HERE to download the General Administrative Transfer Application (English)

CLICK HERE to download the General Administrative Transfer Application (Spanish)

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Relations at 404-802-2233 or via email at

CLICK HERE to visite the General Administrative Transfer web page.

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