Football, Volleyball and Softball: APS Weekly Athletic Schedule August 20-August 25

Varsity Football
Date Teams Time Location
24-Aug Jackson @ Towers 7:30PM Avondale Stadium
24-Aug S. Atlanta @ Lithonia 5:15PM Panthersville Stadium
24-Aug Carver vs. Riverdale 7:00PM Lakewood
Middle School Football
Date Teams Time Location
25-Aug Long @ Kennedy 9:00AM Grady Stadium
25-Aug Brown @ Inman 10:45AM Grady Stadium
25-Aug Price @ Harper-Archer 12:30PM Grady Stadium
25-Aug BEST @ Sylvan 9:00AM Lakewood Stadium
25-Aug King @ Parks 10:45AM Lakewood Stadium
25-Aug Sutton @ Young 12:30PM Lakewood Stadium
Date Teams Time Location
21-Aug Douglass/ Jackson/ S. Atlanta 5:00PM/ 6:00PM S. Atlanta
22-Aug Jackson/ McNair/ Henry Co. 5:00PM/ 6:00PM Crim
23-Aug CSK/ Douglass 5:00PM Douglass
23-Aug Therrell/ Grady/ Mays 5:00PM/ 6:00PM Mays
23-Aug South Atlanta @ Forest Park 5:00PM Forest Park
23-Aug N. Atlanta @ Riverwood 5:00PM Riverwood
23-Aug Jackson/ Banneker/ S.Cobb 5:00PM/6:00PM Banneker
Varsity Softball
Date Teams Time Location
20-Aug Jackson @ Mays 5:00PM Mays
20-Aug N. Atlanta @ Wheeler 5:00PM Wheeler
21-Aug Clarkston @ Mays 5:00PM Mays
21-Aug Chapel Hill @ CSK 5:00PM CSK
21-Aug Carver @ Therrell 5:00PM Therrell
21-Aug Douglass @ Jackson 5:00PM S. Atlanta Field
21-Aug N. Atlanta vs. ML King 5:00PM Crim High
23-Aug Mays @ Dunwoody 5:00PM Dunwoody
23-Aug CSK @ Douglass 5:00PM CSK
23-Aug N. Atlanta @ Tucker 5:00PM Tucker
23-Aug Lithonia @ Therrell 5:00PM Therrell
23-Aug Grady @ Carver 5:00PM Carver

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