More Bus Stops, More Buses and More Crossing Guards

Our transportation team continues to work around the clock to revise school bus routes.

Since the first week of school, we have added nearly 900 new bus stops (called hazard stops) to our schedule of regular stops for students. In all, APS now has more than 5,000 bus stops across the city.

In order to accommodate the extra stops, we have also placed over 35 additional buses on the road from our fleet of more than 400 buses. Additionally, approximately 15 crossing guards were hired recently for a total of 95 crossing guards. They serve as neighborhood partners to help ensure students’ safety.

In the days ahead, we will continue to investigate issues brought to our attention and make adjustments where necessary. And every Friday, we will continue to notify parents of transportation changes by updating information via the district website, e-mail messages, automated phone calls, Twitter, fliers and letters.

If you are continuing to experience transportation issues, feel free to submit your comments via our online transportation issues form.  Visit for more information.

For the latest information on bus schedules and transportation changes, visit


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