Getting excited about the Price Media Center!

Do you enjoy going to a fair?  Traveling from booth to booth playing games?  So did the students at Price Middle School!  The media center staff hosted it’s annual Price Library Days celebration on August 27 – 29th.

This activity was a collaborative effort between the Price Middle School media center staff, the Carver Homes Public Library and its staff, Language Arts teachers, parents, and students.   During the activities, students were engaged in a carnival-like atmosphere while having opportunities to learn and use new and existing knowledge of the library and information literacy skills reinforced.  This fun and educational event encourages increased usage of the media center and enhances the relationship between students and their media support staff.

This year, each grade level participated on a different day and traveled through five different stations within a class period.  The students signed up for a public library card, created their own bookmark, played Name That Character, Library Jeopardy and participated in the Dewey Decimal Relay.  Each of these stations was created to increase interest and knowledge of the library media center while reinforcing skills students need and on which they are tested with the CRCT and other State mandated tests.  Students won individual prizes for Name That Character and The Dewey Decimal Relay while each winning team was acknowledged in Library Jeopardy.  Isn’t it amazing when students realize learning CAN be fun?

– Mrs. Tammy Rosado, Price Middle School Media Specialist

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