We are Strong 4 Life at Thomasville Heights Elementary School!

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Strong 4 Life has partnered with Thomasville to build relationships, recruit, and empower students, teachers, and parents in order to change habits and to make healthy eating and drinking choices. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Strong 4 Life and Thomasville are united against the rise of childhood obesity, the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other serious health and medical problems.

Strong 4 Life and Thomasville are now partners in an effort to help our students, parents, teachers and community to adopt healthy habits. Students pledge to Be Active, fill half their plates with vegetables and fruits, drink more water and limit sugar drinks, and limit screen time to one hour.

At Thomasville Heights is a healthy hallway school displaying beautiful posters that promote physical activity, drinking plenty of water, and making healthy food choices. Each Thomasville child now has their own water bottle to encourage them to rehydrate with water. Thomasville also rewards its students for assignments well done or class participation with fun items, healthy snacks and extra time for recess or physical activity.

Thomasville believes that reminding children to gradually incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives will go a long way in effecting long-term behavior change.

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