NBC Learn as a teaching tool at APS

The Atlanta Public School System is considering the purchase of NBC Learn as a content – rich and innovative tool for teaching. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) with NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, has digitized thousands of stories from the NBC News Archives. More than eight decades of news archives from NBC programs such as The Today Show, Dateline NBC, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, and the networks of CNBC, Telemundo and MSNBC are now available on demand to APS through NBC Learn.

NBC Learn’s original videos and archival news stories are aligned with state standards and Common Core Standards. The NBC Learn videos average less than six minutes in length. This is valuable in that it gives a short digest of the instructional subject which then allows teachers and students to engage and go further in depth on the instructional subject without taking up much class time. These videos are full stories and are reported by some of the most famous journalists in television news history.

NBC Learn uses a Cue Card media player. The Cue Card player supports videos, photographs, newspaper articles, primary source documents, and other media. It also provides bibliographic information, clickable keywords, transcripts, closed caption and a citation generator.

The media assets within NBC Learn are available through internet streaming, download, stand alone resource and works with Blackboard, which allows NBC Learn users to embed videos directly into Blackboard learning systems.

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