Annual Leveling Process Balances Class Sizes

Atlanta Public Schools is in the midst of school leveling and staff reassignment based on student enrollment throughout the district.

Each school year, the Atlanta Public Schools leadership team evaluates the need to reassign staff to local elementary, middle and high school classrooms and fill content area needs at schools throughout the district.  This process, known as leveling, occurs during the first 6-8 weeks of the traditional school year and is based upon the actual student enrollment at each school within the district.

The leveling process involves adjusting the number of teachers at all schools based upon their actual enrollment figures between the 21st and 24th day of school.  Changes, based on the difference between the projected enrollment and actual student enrollment will result in the reassignment of core content staff as needed across the district.

Projected enrollment for APS for the current school year was 45,261 students.  As of September 7, 2012, our enrollment is 1,495 students less than the projected enrollment with 8,251 students enrolling after the first day of school.

Historical and actual current trends regarding continued enrollment of students after the first day of school necessitates waiting until registration levels off – which typically occurs during the weeks after Labor Day.

Leveling began at the high school level due to the increase in the number of students enrolled at the high school as compared with elementary and middle school enrollments.  Schools are undergoing verification of student enrollment in our student information system to ensure the accuracy of data and enrollment documentation on each campus.

High schools are expected to transition teachers beginning the week of September 17th with elementary and middle schools transitioning the week of September 24th.

French teacher Max Sodjago instructs students at Mays High School. Mays is scheduled to receive new teachers during the 2012 leveling process.

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  1. That is, seems like they could do this the 2nd or 3rd week into the school year and get 98% of the same result.

  2. Why does this have to occur 6-8 weeks into the school year? Crazy. Seems like it is disruptive for everyone involved. But thats APS.

  3. There are plently of kids in these class rooms. The teachers can’t really teach if they too many kids to keep up with. What will end up happening is families will have to decide if they can stay in ASP or go the private school route where the classes tend to be smaller.Not to mention, great teachers may leave the teaching profession. Also, the bigger the classroom – the more the teacher is “teaching to the middle”, the smart kids are going to get the information anyway and the kids that are in the low end of the class will contiue to fall behind. The teachers already have too much to do adding more kids to these classrooms is a huge mistake. If you have to save money – do it somewhere else, but not with these teachers and the number of kids in the classroom.

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