D.H. Stanton’s New Playground

Students at D.H. Stanton Elementary were full of energy on September 24th, as a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for their new playground! This event is one of the many improvements at the school since it was almost closed last spring. “Once the district decided to keep DH Stanton open, I started advocating for a playground from many different sources,” says the Principal, Clara Taylor. The playground was moved from East Lake Elementary, which was closed this year. The playground includes a slide, see saw, climbing equipment, tire swing, and more! It is originally built by Home Depot, and is in great condition with bright orange, purple, and green colors.

The children were cheering and chanting at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and rushed into the playground as soon as the ribbon was cut. They were overflowing with eagerness and excitement with smiles on their faces. Faculty and parents joined the students for this special event and refreshments were provided for this celebration.  “We are happy because this playground helps us to be fit and helps our brain to function, and this playground is going to be a lot of fun,” says Damien Roland, a 4th grader at D.H. Stanton.

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  1. A new playground opened at D.H. Stanton Elementary in Peoplestown on Monday. It’s one of a lengthy list of improvements made since the institution was almost closed last spring.

  2. About Time I Went To D.H.Stanton 5 years Now I Am A Junior In High School

  3. I am happy to see that the playground is still bringing smiles to the students of APS. Thanks to Marla Johnson, KaBoom and the Atlanta Families Award for making the students of East Lake and DH Stanton so happy!

  4. Aye Yall the pArk look better I Really miss this school frfr
    -Bre’Asia Houston

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