Malik Okosi is the APS Cool Kid of the Week

Cubism, structure, shadowing and attention to detail are some of the artistic traits displayed by this week’s APS Cool Kid Malik Okosi. Malik is an 11th grader at The School of Computer Animation & Design at South Atlanta.

Malik has had many of his art works displayed around the Atlanta area. Oglethorpe University, the Woodruff Arts Center, the High Museum and he currently has one piece on display at the Coca Cola headquarters here in Atlanta. His artwork has been entered into competitions and he has placed well in the Youth Art Connection competition and was a semi finalist in the Dream Arts contest.

Malik gathers inspiration from everyday objects and often works in intricate detail on his subjects. “I’m inspired by mirrors, pictures, toys and other sculptures that other artists have made. I put them together and just make my own style with it.”

Malik is a fan of the kinetic and energy pulsating style of manga art and of one of the grand masters of art, Pablo Picasso.  “Picasso is one of my favorite artists. I’ve drawn inspiration from him on many of my drawings and paintings. Cubism was introduced to me on one of my earlier art works. I’ve used that style often since my introduction to it,” says Malik.

Relating to his fandom of the manga style of art, Malik’s future aspiration is to study computer engineering and create the computers that make video game programming and designs.  “Malik is highly creative. He sees the world from an ‘artist’s eye’ as I call it because when someone sees a cup, they may just see a cup but Malik may see a cup with things evolving from it. He thinks very creatively without even having to try. You don’t have to teach him to be creative, he just thinks like that,” says Tokie Rome, Malik’s art and design instructor at The School of Computer Animation and Design at South Atlanta.  “I have had Malik in class since his 9th grade year and he has been my project. I saw the potential that he had and I steered and pushed him into art events, projects and competitions for that exposure and to hone his great potential as an artist.”

Malik is working on his AP Art portfolio for college credit and will study digital arts and media in his senior year.

APS congratulates this week’s Cool Kid, Malik Okosi: the visual artist with a flair for the creative who is building a foundation for artistic heights.

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