Parents and Teachers Model Health and Wellness at Cascade

Fitness, health, and wellness were all the buzz at Cascade Elementary during the school’s annual Health & Wellness Expo. During the expo, students watched as parents and teachers competed in a friendly game of basketball. Students also had the opportunity to put their skills to the test and burn calories as they took to the court for exercise during halftime.Jaquavious Jackson, a fourth grader at Cascade Elementary, was very enthusiastic about exercising and learning how to stay fit.

“I’m having a great time. It’s the best time of my life,” he said. “I liked when I got to shoot the basketball, and I learned that health is important because it helps you stay in shape and not become overweight.”

Courtney Spraggins, a Kindergarten teacher at Cascade, said she thinks the basketball game is a great way for parents and teachers to show that exercise can be fun and model how to stay fit.

One of Cascade’s community partners, Publix, provided information for parents so they can learn about counting calories, sugars, cholesterol, and how to handle food properly.Keisha Spells, the PTA president at Cascade Elementary, felt that it was important to host a wellness expo at the school to help provide students and parents with information about maintaining healthy lifestyles, while facilitating parental engagement.

“We wanted to do something that displays good sportsmanship for the students,” she said. “We wanted to show them discipline, and we wanted to discuss food, safety, and how to be nutritious.”

Fourth grader Chlya Figueroa says she learned that your health is important because it can have a direct correlation with how you function at school and your academic performance in the classroom.

“I think health and fitness is important because it helps your immune system, it helps your brain function well, and gives you energy,” she explained. “I think we all learned the importance of exercising today.”

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