Students “ACE” Science and Environmental Initiatives at Washington

Students are eager to ask questions during the ACE presentation at Washington High School.

The Alliance for Climate Education, also known as ACE, recently encouraged students at Booker T. Washington High School to get involved and learn more about climate science and environmental initiatives. ACE is a national nonprofit organization that offers free assembly presentations on climate science and solutions to high schools nationwide.

This exciting and engaging program meets the Georgia Performance Standards, and aligns well with the current science curriculum.

“The ACE Presentation kicked- started the school year and inspired many students to get excited about science and environmental initiatives on campus,” said Dr. Umakanth Reddy Chinthapanti, a math teacher at Washington Early College.

Through cutting cutting-edge animation, music, videos and storytelling, dynamic educators taught climate science, and motivated several students at Washington High School to get involved.

A guest speaker discusses climate science and environmental initiatives with students at Washington.

One way students can get involved in climate science initiatives is through the Eco-Force organization on campus. In addition to the ACE presentation, this assembly also served as the Eco-Force kick-off. The Eco-Force is a school-wide club that will be established on the Washington High School campus. This club will provide students with community and environmental service opportunities.

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