IBM IGN.I.T.E. and EX.I.T.E. Technology Academies at Price

The IBM Corporation and Luther Judson Price Middle School have been school partners since 2007.

The IGN.I.T.E Technology Academy is for the boys and it stands for Igniting Interest in Technology and Engineering. Boys are selected from the seventh and eighth grades to participate.  Under the direction of Genelle Betterson and Arnold Dones, the boys work in teams, create vision boards, build structures to solve problems, debug computers and build and program robots.

The boys come up with their own names for their teams and function as engineers to complete tasks assigned to them.  Various IBM employees visit them and offer their assistance and expertise to the IGN.I.T.Ers.  The boys traveled to the Highlands IBM building and performed engineering tasks alongside engineers in various departments.  At the end of the academy, the boys highlighted what they learned in a showcase to their parents and families.

In addition to providing an opportunity to have fun, the boys are exposed to many of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) standards.  With the introduction of Common Core Standards, every grade level must integrate college and career readiness.

The EX.I.T.E Technology Academy is for our young ladies.  EX.I.T.E stands for Exploring Interest in Technology and Engineering.  Under the direction of Lisa Haygood, 1985 Price High School Alumni, the EX.I.T.Ers complete some of the same activities as the IGN.I.T.E Academy boys such as the vision boards and team work to solve problems that an engineer would need to solve.  The girls travel to the Clark Atlanta University Center where they tour  the college library, visit classrooms, eat at the school cafeteria and meet the Spelbots (the Spelman Robotics Team).  The college trip is a great deal of fun for the girls and an eye opener as they discover and learn what college life is like and that they can attend and thrive in college when they work hard and focus.

IBM provides many educational experiences for the students at Price beyond the EX.I.T.E and IGN.I.T.E Academies.  They have provided opportunities for students to e-mentor with members of the IBM family, participate in the Introduce a Girl to Engineering in February, Engineering Week activities, and IBM Career Day.  The IBM family is always available to support the Mighty Price Wildcats!

written by Mrs. Tammy Rosado, Media Specialist at Price Middle School

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